Welcome to The Indonesian Skin — a beauty blog made by an Indonesian woman with NW40 skin for Indonesians and other tan/medium-dark skin-colored fellows.

The main purpose of this blog is to provide references & swatches for those whose skin falls into the medium-dark color spectrum (which sometimes could be pretty hard to find! trust me, I know the struggles) and skincare tips for oily/acne-prone skin.

The other purpose, is a platform for me, Detha Prastyphylia, to share my infatuation towards the beauty world — from makeup to skincare.

It all started one day when I was browsing through the vast world of Internet—mainly with the help of Google, looking up for swatches for this particular shade of lipstick I'd like to buy. I was wondering what would this shade look like on my lips, and so I searched for references. I was all like, "I'm sure there must be something on the Internet." But due to the lack of swatches on medium-dark skin color — aka my skin color — and alike (or it was just me who was unable to find one), I was helpless and uncertain and ended up not buying this particular shade of lipstick.

Suddenly there was a question that popped inside of my head — what if there were others (and I can imagine, many of them) who experienced the same struggle as me? And so I was determined to make a beauty blog myself, mainly to help people with the same skin characteristics as me find references easily. But really, whether you're looking for reviews or swatches or beauty tips, this blog is for everyone to read for all skin colors!

Please note that I'm by no means a professional dermatologist; what works on my skin might work differently on yours. So I'm just sharing my suggestions based on my skin condition, my personal knowledge, and my experiences.

I appreciate any suggestions or advice to help make this blog better!

For any inquiries, kindly email me:

Looking forward to have fun with you all ♡

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